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Alexa’s Success Story with Google sniper 3.0


2 days ago Alexa, a Google sniper 3.0 member emailed me and thanked me for her results with Google sniper… [ read more here ]


The truth about Google Sniper in a “must read” Google Sinper review

The truth about Google Sniper in a "must read" Google Sinper review

Did you know these about Google Sniper? can you refund it? how much you can make with it? find out how Google sniper might make you LOSE everything if you don’t… [ read more here ]


Sniper coaching January 20th new training videos


Sniper coaching was released 5 days ago and since then, we’ve had over 500 members. Only on first day we had 400 signups which made everything harder than before. This was something that I’ve never experienced before. After a while, it’s time to get post some awesome new updates… [ Read more ]

Sniper Cash Machine experience


Google sniper 3.0 was released on December 8th, with new updates and many more golden nuggets but there was one thing which changed the Google sniper for every and that was Sniper Cash Machine. I’ve been using Google sniper for a long time and didn’t have much interest in this newly added section to the new Google sniper but I had some free time a while ago and tested something… [ read more here ]


Mistakes that I made when I started internet marketing


When I started my online business about 4 years ago, I made lots of mistakes. Mistakes that if I wouldn’t made them, I was making at least 10 times more than what I’m making now. In this post I will share some tips with you that I wish someone would tell me 4 years ago… [ read more ]


Why YouTube is important?


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and this number tells us only one thing: people are looking for answers in videos more and more every day. I personally get a big portion of my traffic and income from YouTube and That’s why I decided to add YouTube training videos to Sniper Coaching training series….. [ read more ]

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